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One Click Cleaning!

A fast, safe and secure cleanup. One click Cleaning includes four essential clean up tools to scan and clean your Mac with one click.

System Cleaner

System Cleaner scans your Mac for system and user cache files that occupy valuable hard disk space.

Logs Cleaner

Logs Cleaner scans your Mac for system and user log files that occupy valuable hard disk space.

Trash Cleaner

Trash Cleaner enables you to clear up all items in trash which you generally forget to clear.

Partial Downloads

Eliminate all complexities in a single click instead of manually deleting incomplete downloads. This cleaner helps you save hard disk space

Remove duplicates and save disk space

Duplicates Finder scans your Mac for duplicate files that waste hard disk space. It identifies duplicate files and allows you to remove them to recover precious disk space.

Uninstall the unneeded applications

Cut down all complexities with this "Uninstaller" that uninstalls any app panes safely and completely along with their associated files

Protect your Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy tool scans your Mac for internet browsing history and cookies for Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Recover wasted disk space on your Mac

Misc Cleaning scans your Mac for iTunes device backups, mail downloads and old downloads that you may no longer need and waste disk space.

Compatible with all Mac OSX versions

Our software is fully compatible with all current versions of Mac OSX that run on Apple computers.

Free upgrades to new versions

We provide a lifetime of free upgrades to new versions of Mac OSX. Simply update the software with 1 click of a button.

Lifetime free Support

Need help? Our team is ready to help you! Call the technical support phone number provided on the website or on the software to get free assistant.

MacDiagnostic - Facts 2018

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